Pennsylvania Holiday

Capo 3rd fret Intro: G D Em C Verse 1: G D Em C Well the lights are shining on the houses that line my street G D Em C And me, I'm calling to a cell phone that's far away G D Em C 'Cause December has been rolling in since two weeks ago G D Em C There's just nothing like cold air to make me feel at home Bridge: D Well I've been working way too hard Em C It seems that all I need D Is a pennsylvania holiday Em C To make me feel like me Chorus: G D And it's the perfect time for the holidays Em C I don't think that I can wait G D I've been so good this year Em C I feel that I've been making progress G D And all I ask of you this time Em C Is a break from all the stress of life G D Let's drink, let's sing, relax Em C D And bring the year in with a smile Verse 2: Do you remember the stories we were told when we were kids About snowfall and reindeer and that jolly old saint nick? Do you miss feeling youthful or are you searching for clarity About why we grew up and forgot just how to believe? Bridge ( D Em C ) x2 Just get my friends and family And celebrate the warmth that Christmas brings A pennsylvania holiday Is all we need Chorus ( G D Em C ) x4 Well here's to the days when we had faith and such simple dreams Of waking up at dawn to a snow-filled lawn and the scent of christmas trees Though time has passed this feeling lasts, or so it seems We've gotten older now but we've finally found just what christmas means Chorus