Aint Leavin Your Love

---------------------------------------------------------- Submitted by Christof ---------------------------------------------------------- A Mister Gator he's a-glidin' down the bayou A Mister Buzzard he's a-slidin' through the air A Mister Turtle be a-hittin' the highway A7 I ain't goin' nowhere Ref.: D I ain't leavin your love, babe A I ain't leavin your love, babe E Not for heaven above, babe D (D7) A I ain't leavin your love. Ref. The poor man got him an airplane tryin to cruise across the traffic jam the rich man got him a Chevrolet I'm stayin' right where I am Ref. Now Hannibal he climbed the mountains Cleopatra danced down the Nile Lucky Lindy made it all the way to gay Paris I'm stayin right here awhile #--------------------------------------------------------------#