Indian Cowboy

Indian Cowboy (Joe Ely) as performed by Townes van Zandt C G7 C If you ever go out to the circus G Where the Wallendas walk on the wire C F I'll tell you a tale to remember C G7 C When the white horses leap rings of fire It was a cold night in old Oklahoma And the show was about to begin The animals they was all restless When the star-horse broke from her pen Well, she was a mare of high spirits Like a whore on a Saturday night Just a-kickin' and a-buckin' while the men were a-brushin' The elephants lined on the side Now close to the tent sat a lantern It was dangerously close to the hay That mare headed straight for that lantern Some fool had left by mistake Then up jumps an Indian Cowboy And his lasso he throws through the air Smack-dab in the middle of danger He ropes the runaway mare And the elephants raised up their trumpets And one of them broke from her chains Stampeded that Indian Cowboy Who just saved the big-top from flames So if you ever go out to the circus Where the Wallendas walk on the wire Remember that Indian Cowboy The ring of fire