Katie Belle Blue

----------------------------------------------------- Submitted by Geir Nyborg & Victor Eremita ----------------------------------------------------- Katie Belle Blue: (A)There is no deeper (D)blue In the (A)ocean that (D)lies (A)As deep as the (E)blue (D)Of your layghing eyes (A-D-A) (A)No sweeter (D)sound (A)Than your gentle (D)sigh No (A)heart was (E)ever so (A)pure (D-A) Or play it in D if you prefer: D-G D-G D-A G-D (G-D) Dream pretty dreams touch beautiful things let all the skies surround you swim with the swans and believe that upon some glorious dawn love will find you Come some day I'm bound away wind and wings on the water whatever may you must stay and remain my beautiful daughter There is no deeper blue in the ocean that lies as deep as the blue of your laughing eyes no sweeter sound than your gentle sigh no heart was ever so pure Good night Katie Belle, good night #--------------------------------------------------------------#