Mr Mudd And Mr Gold

----------------------------------------------------- Submitted by Nathanael ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes the chords change just before the new line, but for those that change in the midst of the line, I've used caps to stress the syllable where the change occurs. . . . Basically, the same chords repeat through the song (Em - G - Am - B7 - Em): Em The wicked king of clubs awoke G And IT was to his queen he turned Am His LIPS were laughing as he spoke B7 His eyes like bullets burned Em the sun's upon a gambling day G his queen smiled low and blissfully Am let's make some wretched fool to play B7 plain it was she did agree (Just follow this progression throughout the song. . . .) He send his deuce down into diamond his four to hart, and his trey to spade three kings with their legions come preparations soon where made they voted club the days commander gave him an army face and number all but the outlaw jack of diamonds and the aces in the sky He give his sevens first instructions spirit me a game of stud stakes unscarred by limitation 'tween a man named Gold and man named Mud Club filled Gold with greedy vapors 'til his long, green eyes did glow Mud was left with the sighs and trembles watching his hard earned money go Flushes fell on Gold like water tens they paired and paired again but the aces only flew through heaven and the diamond jack called no man friend The diamond queen saw Muds ordeal began to think of her long lost son fell to her knees with a mother's mercy prayed to the angels every one The diamond queen, she prayed and prayed and the diamond angel filled Muds hole the wicked king of clubs himself fell in face down in front of Gold now three kings come to Clubs command but the angels from the sky did ride three kings up on the streets of Gold three fireballs on the muddy side The club queen heard her husband's call but Lord that queen of diamond's joy when the outlaw in the heavenly hall turned out to be a wandering boy Now Mud he checked and Gold bet all and Mud he raised and Gold did call and the smile just melted off his face when Mud turned over that diamond ace Now here's what this story's told if you feel like Mud you'll end up Gold if you feel like lost, you'll end up found so amigo, lay them raises down #--------------------------------------------------------------#