Austin Sessions

1. The Rich Song Chord - Name XX0232 D X20033 G/B (hammer 5th string) 320033 G X02220 A XX0032 Dsus4 X24432 Bm 022033 Em7 200232 D/F# 355333 Gm 244222 F#m [intro lick 4x] Count 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 e-|----2-----2----|------3--------| b-|----3---------3|----------3----| g-|----2----------|----0---------0| d-|0--------------|---------------| a-|---------------|0h2------------| e-|---------------|---------------| D.............. G/B............ [verse 1] G A D Dsus4 WHATCHA BEEN DOIN' TODAY G A Bm A 'CAUSE I'VE BEEN THINKIN' ABOUT YOU G A D Bm JUST HEARD SOME NEWS THAT SET MY MIND TO WONDERING G A D G/B AND I NEED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE [verse 2] G A D Dsus4 ARE YOU OUT ON THE PLAINS G A Bm A BURNIN' YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND G A D Bm OUT WHERE NO ONE EVEN KNOWS YOUR NAME G A D G/B SEVENTY MILES OUT OF TOWN [chorus] Em7 'CAUSE WE MISS YOU D/F# DO YOU MISS US G WHAT IS THE LANGUAGE Gm WITH WHICH THESE WORDS I CAN TRUST D A THAT I THANK MY GOD G EVERY TIME A I REMEMBER YOU [repeat intro lick 4x (8 bar organ solo)] [verse 3] G A D Dsus4 WHATCHA BEEN THINKIN' ABOUT G A Bm A 'CAUSE I'VE BEEN THINKIN' ABOUT LIFE G A D Bm AND HOW NOTHING CAN ESCAPE THE GOVERNING OF GOD G A D Bm STILL SOMEHOW THAT JUST DOESN'T COMFORT ME TONIGHT G A D G/B I STILL NEED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE [chorus] Em7 NOW I HEAR YOU D/F# DO YOU HEAR ME G WHAT MEDIUM IS THERE Gm THAT I CAN USE TO MAKE YOU SEE D A THAT I THANK MY GOD G EVERY TIME A I REMEMBER YOU [bridge] Bm A BENDING DOWN TO HELP A FLOWER DRY WITH POVERTY Bm F#m HELPING IT TO UNDERSTAND ITS INHERITANCE Em7 D/F# HOW I REMEMBER LIFE SO BRIGHT (I remember you) G EVERY TIME I CLOSE MY EYES Gm I CAN SEE YOU [8 bar guitar solo] D, A, G, A [tag] Em7 D/F# BROTHER YOU MADE IT G BROTHER YOU MADE IT Gm BROTHER YOU MADE IT OH D AND I THANK MY GOD A G JUST EVERY TIME A G AND I THANK MY GOD A EVERY TIME I REMEMBER YOU [repeat intro lick 4x] I REMEMBER YOU 2. There You Go Intro/Verse riff: For "The Austin Sessions" use these 2 riffs. Listen to the CD to know which one goes where. e-------------------------------------- B---3---3---3---3---3-----3---5-5p3---- G-----2-------2-------2h4---2-------2-- D-0-------4-------5-------------------- A-------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------- e------------------------------------------ B---3---3---3---3---3-----3---5p3---------- G-----2-------2-------2h4---2----4p2------- D-0-------4-------5-----------------4p2p0-- A------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------ For "40 Acres" use this riff: e------------------------------------ B---3---3---3---3---3-----3---3---2-- G-----2-------2-------2h4---2---2---- D-0-------4-------5------------------ A------------------------------------ E------------------------------------ Riff 2: (for "40 Acres" only) e-------------------0-----2-----3----2--- B---3---3---3---3-----3-----3-----3---3-- G-----2-------2-------------------------- D-0-------4-------0-----0-----0-----0---- A---------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------- Riff 3: (for "40 Acres" only) e--3---2---0---2---- B----3---3---3---3-- G------------------- D------------------- A------------------- E------------------- Riff 4: (for "40 Acres" only) ()=optional e----------------(3)-(2)-(0)--------- B---3---3---3---3---3---3---3-(3)-3-- G-----2-------2---------------------- D-0-------4-------5---4---2----0----- A------------------------------------ E------------------------------------ Verse 1:(use the intro/verse riff) Is this the strange feeling Of you working all to good 'Cause I am so confused I don't even ask for what I should [D] [Bm] [G] [A] When I asked for and deserved a stone [D] [Bm] [G] [A] You broke and gave your body as bread [D] [Bm] [G] [A] [D] [Bm] And even the stone that dropped down and rolled away [G] (Riff 2) Spoke of the one who bled Chorus: D Bm G There you go working good from my bad D Bm G A There you go making robes from my rags D Bm G There you go melting crowns from my calves D Bm G There you go working good of all I have G (1st time Riff 3/2nd time Riff 4) Till all I have's not that bad Verse 2:(use the intro/verse riff) [D] [Bm] [G] [A] When I asked for and deserved a serpent [D] [Bm] [G] [A] You gave a net full of fish [D] [Bm] [G] [A] And even the serpent that told the lie (Riff 2) [D] [Bm] [G] When lifted high foretold the gift Chorus [D2hD] [A] [D2hD] [A] [D2hD] [A] [D] [A] [D] Bridge: (A) [Bm] [G] For you so loved the unlovable (A) [Bm] [G] That you gave the ineffable (Bsus4) [Bm] [G] That who so believes the unbelievable (Bsus4) [Em] [A2] Will gain the unattainable (E) (Bsus4) (E) (A2) (E) (Bsus4) (E) (A2) (E) (Bsus4) (E) (A2) (E) (Bsus4) (E) (A2) Chorus 2x Play Intro/Verse riff 2x End on D Chords: D Bm G A A2 Bsus4 E D2hD Em e-2--2---3----3--0--0-----0----0---0h2---0--- B-3--3---3----0--2--0-----0----0---3-----0--- G-2--4---0-or-0--2--2-----4----2---2-----0--- D-0--4---0----0--2--2-----4----2---0-----2--- A-0--2---2----2--0--0-----2----1---0-----2--- E--------3----3--------------------------0--- 3. Table For Two Chord - Name XX0230 D (adlib hammer 1st and 3rd strings on 2nd fret) X4023X D/C# X2023X D/B X0023X D/A 3X003X G 2X023X D/F# 0X003X Em7 X0203X A7sus4 X2443X Bm 2X443X B 0X010X E7 X2010X E7/B 3X000X Gh (hammer 3X201X on and off) X0202X A7 2X003X G/f# X02230 Asus4 X02220 A INTRO: D, /C#, /B, /A, G, D/F#, Em7, A7sus4 (2x) VERSE 1: D /C# /B /A G D/F# Em7 A7sus4 Danny and I spent another late night over pancakes Bm /F# E7 /B Gh We talked about soccer and how every man's just the same D /C# /B /A G D/F# Em7 A7sus4 And made speculation on the 'who's and the 'when's of our futures Bm /F# E7 A7 D And how everyone's lonely but still we just couldn't complain CHORUS 1: G /F# Em7 D Asus4 A And how we just hate being alone G /F# Em7 D Asus4 A Could I have left my only chance G /F# Em7 D Asus4 A And now I'm just wasting my time Gh Looking around VERSE 2: But you know I know better I'm not gonna worry 'bout nothing 'Cause if the birds and the flowers survive then I'll make it okay If given a chance and a rock see which one breaks a window And see which one keeps me up all night and into the day CHORUS 2: Because I'm so scared of being alone That I forgot what house I live in But it's not my job to wait by the phone For her to call VERSE 3: Well this day's been crazy but everything's happened on schedule From the rain and the cold to the drink that I spilled on my shirt 'Cause You knew how You'd save me before I fell dead in the garden And You knew this day long before You made me out of dirt CHORUS 3: And You know the plan You have for me And You can't plan the ends and not plan the means And so I suppose I just need some peace To get me to sleep enjoy