Blue All Over Intro

DAD - Blue All Over Tabbed by: Martin Lauge Christensen This is a very nice guitar intro. The song is called Blue All Over and is on the album "Soft Dogs." It is my first tab in here. Goes like this: E\---8---6-----4-----------5--------------|-------------------------------------| B\---6------4----------8---------7--------|----4----3-----3---1---------1-------| G\---7------5----------6---------4--------|----1----------0---------3--------2--| D\---8------6----------7---------6--------|----3----------2---------2--------1--| A\---------------------8---------7--------|----4----------3---------3--------2--| E\----------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| It is supposed to be played a little un-tight for the effect. Play a little up the fret maybe with your thumb to make the sound softer. Have fun!