#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (Jeff Matson) originally by ~From: Don Hasenmayer I worked on this some, and this is what I came up with. --jeff Dorina : Dada Puzzle ------ Intro lots of bends and stuff, but you can figure it out pinch harm e----------------------------------------------12---------| B-12--------------7--8--7--7/8----------12----------------| G----14-14--12----7--9--7--7/9-------12-------12----------| D---------------------------------------------------------| A---------------------------------------------------------| E---------------------------------------------------------| The part right before the verse begins is: e ----------------------0-------------| B ----------------------0-------------| G ----------------------0-------------| D -12--9--11--7--9--5---2-------------| A ----------------------2-------------| E ----------------------0-------------| or... e -------------------0--| B ---3---2---0-------0--| G -----3---2---0-----0--| D -------------------2--| A -------------------2--| E -------------------0--| (E) Bass Tried to make you happen (E) Bass Tried to make you real (A) Bass (G) Bass Tried to make your face From a broken Ferris Wheel e--------------- ---------| B--------------- -5--5--5-| then the part G-0-0-2-2-0-0--- -4--4--4-| that comes before D-0-0-2-2-0-0--- ---------| Riff 1 A-x-x-0-0-x-x--- ---------| E-3-3-----3-3--- ---------| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this part x2 Listen to me Dori Listen and you'll hear A wind that carries Lonely And a wind that carries tears Dorina Dorina riff 2 e-3------3--------3------3--------------------| B---5------5/3------5-------/12---------------| G-----4---------------4-----------------------| D---------------------------------------------| A---------------------------------------------| E---------------------------------------------| Riff 2A (chord sequence after riff2) e-5---5---5--5-------you can-----5--5--5--5---| It's really just a matter of B-6---5---3--3-------also try----6--5--6--3---| personal preference, as far G-7---4---5--4--------these------7--6--5--4---| as I'm concerned. My ear D---------------------------------------------| for music isn't perfect, so A---------------------------------------------| I just play whatever I think E---------------------------------------------| sounds good. You can also try just strumming the end chords with an emphasis on the high strings. The bartender must be crazy He's such an irritating host Every night the same dumb question Where's your pretty little ghost Can't a man imagine Can't a man be free Can't a man just have one little drink End Chords e -5--5--5--5---| B -6--5--3--3---| G -7--6--5--4---| D -7--7--5--5---| A -5--7--3--3---| E -5--5--3--3---| it also wouldn't surprise me if it were two guitars, one playing riff 2a and the other playing e -5--5--3--3------| B -6--5--5--3------| G -7--6--5--4------| D -7--7--5--5------| A -5--7--3--5------| E -5--5--3--3------| By the way, you may have noticed I don't omit notes on any of the strings for these chords. That's because I don't know which ones to leave out. Dorina Dorina Well, that's what I've got. I didn't fill in all the solos, because that stuff takes forever, but I like the sound of most of this. If you have any feedback on what I've done with this, let me know. Thanks for the headstart. --jeff