White Horses

White horses (Lion's heart) INTRO: F - F - Bb - F Dm - C - Bb - Bb F - Bb - F - Bb F F Bb F A younger man with a lion's heart Dm Bb C To face the brave new world Dm Bb C F Now he can run but he can't hide Bb C F (Bb) From the love she felt inside F F Bb F They raised the sails on that morning Dm Bb C Against the turning tide Dm Bb C F And from the shore he watched her smile Bb C F For the pride she felt inside CHORUS: C Bb F There's a light across the horizon tonight Dm F C With her white horses by his side Dm Bb C F And she whispers low, to the skies Bb C F (Bb) White horses hold him high F F Bb F Brighter days 'neath the autumn sun Dm Bb C For the fortune he will claim Dm Bb C F And by his heart her silver chain Bb C F And love that still remains Chorus again! Ending: Dm C Bb C And she stands on that shore and it feels like rain Dm C Bb C And the year goes so slow 'til he's home again F Bb C Dm And she whispers low to the darkened sky Bb F Bb Bb White horses hold him high Bb F Bb This Lionheart never dies C F White horses hold him high http://www.dare-music.com/