Vanilla Olay

Vanilla O'Lay C# Ab You treated me like a schoolgirl lover, C# Ab We never did follow any rules. C# Ab And into your arms and I'm running for cover, Eb7 Ab All of my strings I've tied to you. Can you hear the gypsy turnpike, oh it's calling. So take our things out to the car. And as the shades of night are fallin' You're my bright and guiding star. Chorus: C# Eb7 Ab Vanilla O'Lay, O'Lay, O'Lay, Lay-la Lay-la. C# Eb7 Ab Vanilla O'Lay, O'Lay, O'Lay, Lay-la. (2X) Oh my, my, my, my, you're looking better, It seems like you were never ill. The doctor, he's gonna send you a letter We will let the sky up pay the bill. John-John the cat, he's getting older And he don’t jump around like we know he should. So come, put the baby over my shoulder, We're going out to get some wood. Chorus (repeat and fade) by: José Duarte