Temporary Loan

Hello everybody, this is my first tab by my lovely ears. Only the chords, listen carefully to the fingerstyle of the song - big emphasis on the bass notes. Took the lyrics from an online source, may not be too accurate. Intro: (C#m) (A) (F#m) (A) (C#m) (A) I sing the blues almost every night (F#m) (A) And I wait for the one I lost (C#m) (A) He snuck into my secret files (F#m) (A) And he read my mind (Ab) (A) He belongs to someone (Ab) (A) I know how she spells her name (Ab) (A) I'll consider another day (F#m) (A) Without the one i love (F#m) (A) Without the one i love (G#) Alone Bridge: (E) (A) He no longer loves me (E) (A) I'm supposed to forget about him (E) (A) I was just a harbor (F#m) (A) A temporary love (F#m) (A) A temporary love (G#) On loan (C#m) (A) I think i know what's on his mind (F#m) (A) And i'll try to be satisfied (C#m) (A) He sneaks around my secret life (F#m) (A) And he wrote me down (Ab) (A) Someone else will help him (Ab) (A) I'll pretend to forget the past (Ab) (A) I'll look for a love that lasts (F#m) (A) A love that never dies (F#m) (A) A love that never dies (G#) Alone Thank you Edith, for sharing with us. Made with much israeli-vibration love. Finkenberg yah yah yah! http://edithfrost.com/