Wendy Wonders

I did this by ear in an hour, and It's fairly hard to hear the guitar, since vocals create the bulk of the song, instead of the guitar. If you have any corrections let me know! Intro : e|--------------------------3~-| B|--------------------------3~-|• G|--5-----------------------4~-| D|-----6--3-----6--5--3-----5~-| A|-----------2-----------2--5~-|• E|--------------------------3~-| (you can choose to use bar chords or regular chords) C C Wendy wonders why I've been so cold. G wendy wonders why we take it slow. These cobble streets lead up to under sheets of gold. C Where fair sanity dictates young prince derobe. (2nd guitar comes in playing this, it changes with the chords) e|--------| B|--------| G|-----5--| X6 D|----5---| A|---3----| E|--------| e|--------| B|--------| G|-----4--| X6 D|----5---| A|---5----| E|--------| C Wendy wonders in lavender bed-clothes G Dusk to dawn, a lustful pawn to my throne I'm a hollow man with twelve tin cans of woe C Wendy wonders why we take it so slow Chorus: C F I'ts that four letter word unspoken G Love Dm G I'm happy staggering along Shaftesbury Avenue Dm G C I'm happy staggering along Shaftesbury Avenue VERSE VERSE CHORUS end on C