"Trampoline" by Joe Henry from the album "Trampoline" tablature by Dawson Smith ---------------------------- Intro C G F Am G F Am G F C G F e----0------------------0-----------------0----------------0--------------- B------1------------------1-----------------1-----------------1------------ G------0------------------2-----------------2-----------------0------------ D-----------5------------------5-----------------5-----------------5------- A--3------------------0-----------------0-----------------3---------------- E---------3----1-------------3----1------------3----1------------3----1---- C G F e----0---------- B------1-------- G------0-------- D----------5---- A--3------------ E--------3---1-- (note, the verses follw this sort of pattern, with the G,F always folowing to C or Am, so preserve the picking pattern in the verses.) Verse: C G F The floor will have it's way it seems. Am G F It fights me like a trampoline. Am G F It won't let me on the ground, C G F So this time I'm not coming down. C G F No this time I'm not coming down. C G F I've been talking in my sleep. Am G F We once kissed goodnight, and here we speak. Am G F You loved me just so brutaly, C G F To have the bitter life wrung out of me. Chorus: (note: without pattern, play with chords) G5 F C This time I'm not coming down. Am G5 F This time I'm not coming down. ...trampoline... G F C e----------------- B----------------- G----------------- 2x D----5------3----- A--------------3-- E--3---3--1------- Verse: C G F The whole platoon is overfed, Am G G And we're in this thing over our heads. Am G F My mind has never been so clear, Am G F But I stutter like an auctioneer. C G F As the night has come alive with griefs, Am G F The hew and hollar, spit and scream. Am G F Every one of them is sick with lust, C G F But every one of them will outlive us. (Chorus, as before) C G F And if I really thought I could, Am G F I'd give up your ghost for good, Am G F But I'm not sure it isn't you... C G F That keeps my ghost from leaving too. C G F But I don't miss you half as much, Am G F As who you made me think I was. Am G F When I could see myself the way you do. C G F And I could almost see myself in you. C G F I could almost see myself in you. Final chorus: G5 F C And this time I'm not coming down. Am G5 F No this time I'm not coming down. G5 F C This time I'm not coming down... ...trampoline... e----------------- B----------------- G----------------- x5 D----5------3----- A--------------3-- E--3---3--1------- And then the same patter without "...trampoline..." 3x and on: e----- B----- G----- D----- A----- E--3-- that's it, fellas -D