Children Of Paradise

Children of Paradise - by Justin Hayward (of the Moody Blues) - words and music by Justin Hayward and Mickey Feat; from the CD "The View From the Hill" My interpretation only - questions or comment; Tony - This is a beautiful (spiritual) song. Fingerpick throughout. Z (Riff) G e ---------------------------| b -------------0-------------| g --0----2---------2---------| Intro: G Z / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / (2X) Verse: G C G Z Like the crashing of a wave on the shores of consciousness, G We're alive and we're awake to the world, C D And with the gift of love we're blessed. Cos.. Chorus: D C D C D C G Z We can be, yes we can be, we can be children of paradise. C G Children of paradise. Verse: In the twinkling of an eye or the turning of a page, Comes the moment when our time has arrived. We can never be the same. Chorus (repeat) Bridge: Bm C G D And all I know is we're still climbing up that hill Bm C G D And all we need to sustain us is love of love, the light of life, Em A7 C D7 And the faith to know we can heal.... like children. Verse: Through the violence and the rage, by the grace of love be still. And the spirit that breaks free from the cage Is the one they cannot kill. Chorus: (repeat) End: ZC G Z G Children of paradise children of paradise.