Shake Everything You Got

2% JAZZ, 98% FUNKY STUFF! Check out my band when you get done rocking along to this awesome number! Chocolate City and the Vanilla Suburbs HEAD: G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|------------2-3-4----------------------2-3-4------------------------------| A|--5--0-3-5---------5---------5--0-3-5---------5--0-3-3-5------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| ** I like to throw this little fill in every so often at the end of the Head line. G|----------5-6-7--------| D|---5-6-7---------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| BRIDGE: The bridge is simply a vamp on G. It can be played as a Gm scale with simple variations to keep it fresh. Start off with like this. G|-------------------------------------------------| D|----------------------5--------------------------| A|------2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5-----------2-2-3-3----------| E|--3-3-----------------------3-3----------3---3---| One last thing! Don't forget to give it to the drummer! :) [dd]dentlessdave