Grand Experiment

A G A G This isn't television it's not a breeding card survival of the fitest A D A A survival of the smart. A mystery obscure beyond repair its up to me I sus G A G A A it out. Ugh I sus it out. These idle coversations lead me off the hook A G A G simple observations jotted down in my book takes all my concintration it C F C takes perfect aim no time for the playstation well maybe just one game. F C D G Chorus: Run on the wheel jogg thru the maze i'll break the seal baby one Bb G C G C of these days Boil it down flatten it out distilling the Bb G E D C escense of what life's all about im Still waiting for the evidence. [SAME CHORDS AS FIRST VERSE] Too dangerous to hover no good to linger here roots of indecisious dig in and disappear I'm running round in circles one shoe nailed to the floor no stomach left for fighting at least not any more CHORUS G A DO 6 times then go into bridge chords A G Bridge: Im thru avoiding complications alright Im sorting thru the situation and its Its alright alright alright its alright There is no perfect cherry blossum alright I guess won some and i've lost some alright you know its gona be alright alright you know its be alright alright i think its gona be alright alright i think its gona be alright I know it gona be alright alright I know it gona be alright alright yeaa!! CHORUS End on A G A G A G