Drop The Attitude Fucker

Intro - B F# A E [twice] B F# A E We see you with your ponytail and flannel round your waiste B F# A E sideburns, gotee, and pimples on your face B F# A E according to spin magazine your so cool and hip B F# A E do us a favor and loose the hoop from the lip B A B A F# B F# B you're so bad, you're so sad you're so bad your, you're so sad -chorus- A B A E drop the attitude fucker drop the attitude dude A B A E BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB drop the attitude fucker fucker drop the attitude repeat twice or so B F# A E some more times B F# A E You think with you're antics your parents are in shock B F# A E but you look like bozo in you're bright red docs B F# A E you sneer down you're nose, look at us with disgust B F# A E but you'll never be as famous as us repeat