Fuck The World Solo

Fuck The World by the Queers "solo" tabbed by Darby Edelen I thought the chords for the song were already posted so i thought I'd contribute the 'solo' that plays on and off throughout the song. Now I don't see the chords... so I'll figure them out tomorrow. The solo is ridiculously simple : e|--------7--8--10--8--7--| B|---8-8------------------| G|------------------------| Repeat as necessary! D|------------------------| A|------------------------| E|------------------------| Another two notes are played over and over again near the end of the song, and they are: e|--------| B|--8-----| G|-----7--| Over and over and over again... D|--------| A|--------| E|--------| Quite possibly the simplest song with 2 guitar parts I've ever seen (with the exception of 'Anything' by Dramarama), so have fun with it: the queers sure as hell did.