I Cant Get Invited To The Prom

This tab is brought to you by: CHARLIE84 Do not email me at nico_drv@virgilio.it Fuck off all the Queers out there. This is my first tab, yeah i'm lazy. Queers are tre damned punkrock fuckers, and this is one of their best song, i think. Yeah. I'cant get invited to the prom King Intro B D Verse: G E C D es: G I never get to do what I want to do E My brain is fried and my heart is screwed C I'm hurting and it's all because of you D Let me tell ya: Bridge x2 es: E And oh I'm C sick of crying, G couldn't you give D me a chance E C Now couldn't ya, E C couldn't ya, E C couldn't ya D give me a chance? Chorus G E C D x 3 She's hurting me sooo, awoah awoah oh oh C D It was all that I wanted too C D It was everything, it was me and you C D It was everything that I wanted to do G E C D (double ritm every chord) WooWoo I didn't get invited to the prom That's all... Listen the song for all the other stuff. Bye Bye Fede Negrone, ciao Nikko, ciao Nerbaso, ciao Lotre,and fuck you dude!