Sweat And Bones

beep_pu@hotmail.com Capo 5 E - 022xxx C - 032xxx G - 320xxx G/F? - 200xxx E It's the heat of the summer, C keeps dragging you back in, E C the rest of us have all found homes. E C It's the same streets that are causing you to sin, E C the rest of us have up and gone. E C And you're sulking around E C the same familiar town, E C the sweat and the bones that you're cracking, E begging you to stay, C you know it's not that way. G G/F So let's start a band, E I'll bring the time, you bring the hands. G G/F E I'll meet you tomorrow in another state. G G/F But you're tied to the ground E and your teeth make this sound G G/F E of I'm sorry but I have to stay. E Doesn't make you a liar, C just makes you wrong. E It doesn't make you a liar, C it just makes you wrong. E C And you're choking on the same damn song, E yeah you're choking on C the same damn song. G G/F E I can't believe that the same set of keys G G/F E doesn't bring you to your knees. G G/F E Me at your back with the knife, begging please, G G/F you don't have to stay here, E I beg you to leave.