Artist:Red Hot Chili Peppers Song:Backwoods Album:The Uplift Mofo Party Plan Tabbed by:Yaneey (Guitar tab) Hi!I'm from the backwoods,from Hungary (in Europe).This song is very good and it was very easy to tab! You can write me: Now,back to the Backwoods: **************************** You can't play this song without distortion! (I use overdrive.) Intro and Verse: F#5 e-|--- B-|--- G-|--- D-|-4- A-|-4- E-|-2- (Listen to it to get the correct rythm!) Chorus: (Do slides between the notes!And let ring the notes.) F#5 E5 A5 B5 e-|----------------------- B-|----------------------- G-|----------------------- D-|-4-4-/-2-2-/7-7-/-9-9-- A-|-4-4-/-2-2-/7-7-/-9-9-- E-|-2-2-/-0-0--5-5-/-7-7-- repeat it Interlude: (Perhaps it's bass solo.Maybe the guitar plays here nothing,but this sounds good.) e-|---------------------------------| B-|---------------------------------| G-|---------------------------------| D-|---------------------------------| A-|-0h2-0h2-0h2-0h2-0h2-0h2-0h2-0h2-| E-|---------------------------------| Solo: Use the tremolo (if you have) and bend the notes.I can't tab this out perfectly. F#5 A5 F# e-|-------------------------------------------------------------------| B-|------------~13b---------------------------------------------------| G-|b11~----14--------~12~---b14~b~----don't know this fast part-------| D-|-------------------------------------------------------------------| A-|-------------------------------------------------------------------| E-|-------------------------------------------------------------------| Or something like this.I think you can work out an own solo,when you play along the record. **************************** And the lyrics: : Someone spilled blood many years ago someone spilled blood but do you know that from the backwoods where the Chuck Berrys grow come your long tall daddies of a rock and roll : Take me to your backwoods now Take me to your backwoods now : Spinning' down from the clouds like a tornado spinnin' out of control like a psychedelic soul with a rhythm hittin' harder than Larry Holmes come your long tall daddies of rock and roll : Take me to your backwoods now take me to your backwoods now Take me to your backwoods now Take me to your backwoods now yeah! : Mr. Uplift Mofo - my man Bo Diddley hit sippin' a bottle of nickle ripple play the lickity split finger licking licks for all you wicked city slick chicks and all you nitty gritty hick we'll make your nipples ripple make you wanna dip your dipple make you wanna soak your hickory stick because my man has a grip on it and I do mean on it which brings to mind a very sinister minister kind of guy a man named Little Richard born to make them bitches stir that's right he'll make the sweet substance drip from the middle of your hillbilly lips and like the farmer milk his cow the Howling Wolf will howl and since times does allow you all can : Take me to your backwoods now (X4) : AAAAAAAAh,take me to your backwoods **************************** It's my work.Do not steal it!Rate it!And play it:Turn the amp on,and rock out with your **** out! Yaneey from the backwoods