S Club Party

S-CLUB PARTY S-CLUB 7 INTRO Bm7 E7 G A D Bm7 E7 G A D S CLUB GONNA SHOW YOU HOW ( AIN'T NO PARTY LIKE AN S CLUB PARTY) THAT'S THE INTRO JUST REPEATED WITH DIFFERENT LYRICS VERSE Bm7 E7 CHORUS (same as intro) Bm7 E7 G A D near the end of the song there is a key change where all the chords move up a full tone so the chords are C#m7 F#7 A B E this is really easy to work out and we played it in a bar in Belfast last week and it went down brilliantly. Try it yourself ENJOY if it's wrong or you liked it e-mail me at docojnr@talk21.com watch this space for more cheesy tabs in the form of S CLUB 7