I See Red

Here is I See red by Split Enz. A pretty cool song. Intro F power chord at 8th fret on A Chorus F5 When my baby's walking down the street Bb C F5 I see red I see red I see red F5 How could someone wicked walk right free Bb C5 F5 I see red I see red I see red D I see ed ed ed ed red D C Bb A D I see red ehhhh ehhhh ehhh edd Verse 1 I respect your wishes You gave me such precious hours What to do without you. Squeezed me out of your life Down the drain like molten toothpaste I feel used and spat out. F5 G5 F5 G5 F5 G5 Poor old me Chorus Verse 2 I'm fed up with crying My despair is dying, Turning into rage, day by day Green before you met me In the pink when you let me love you I was blue when you let me down F5 G5 F5 G5 F5 G5 Black and Blue Chorus Keyboard solo Guitar solo Chorus (Finish on F)