A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors

/--------------------------------------------------------------------------- / The following is the author's own interpretation of the song, to be used - / for studying or private use only, removal of any part of this ten line - / header is illegal!!! Removal of the transcribers name or anything - / relevant to the transcriber is also illegal, as so is the removal of the - / place inwhich the tab was downloaded. Publishing as well as printing of - / the tab is illegal without permission of the transcriber and copyright - / owner of the song. Failure to apply to these laws result will in legal - / action from the appropriate parties. - /--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors' by Xasthur transcripted by elathen. tuning: E A D G B E note:listen to the record for the timing. 1ST RIFF (tremolo picking) e|-----------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------| D|--8----------9-------7-------9----------10-----| repeat A|--6----------10------7-------7----------8------| E|-----------------------------------------------| 2ND RIFF (tremolo picking) e|---------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------| repeat A|-----------6---4----------7-----9------| E|-----4-----4---4-----4----4-----4------| 3RD RIFF (tremolo picking) e|-------------------------------| B|-------------------------------| G|-------------------------------| D|---3---------------------------| repeat A|---5-----4------1------2-------| E|---------6------3------4-------| end